Sunday, 11 December 2011


Rough job of to test fit the model and spoon, still need to tidy up masks, retouch model add in shadows and reflections on spoon etc.  In other words a long way off being a final.  Below is a variation, a bit more theatrical and comic.

Few more test fits, might not use any of these.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sneak Peak


Idea is to place one of the finished shots in her hands.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Look Sheet Spoon Project

This shoot is really perplexing me in some ways as I can't full resolve it in my head.  I can visualise the overall and largely the posing and have been able storyboard it as a result.  I know the style in which I want to light it, the type of model, the pose and the condition of the utensils….May throw in some old tools for good measure too.

But as for the hair and make up I am really struggling to visualise it.  Normally I have a clear idea and get unsettled when the Hair Stylist & MUA don't quite get there lol. I'm that predetermined.

For some reason however this shoot it's not the case.   I'm shooting on a black back drop as i don't have a dark mottled muslin backdrop. But figure I can drop in some texture later on. The lighting will have deep shadows so the eyes can't be too dark & heavy as the shadows will already be pocketed in the eye sockets.

The one thing I do know is i want striking oversized lashes,  I think I am developing a lash fetish lol.. The more I see them the more I love 'em..

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Story Board...

Story Board….…Theme Board…….Concept Board……Pretty Explanatory Pictures what ever you want to call 'em.

These are some for my shoot sat to try and convey what I am try to achieve to the models.  It isn't easy to get this right when the model is posing with a non existent prop.  All the utensils are ordinary normal, real world scale items from my kitchen.  So I have mocked these (rough) images up to explain how they are interacting with the item and to help get them into pose so it look realistic in the final images. The purpose shot ones should have he angles and lighting matching up.

Fork Follow Up……...

I have decided to do a series based on the fork…(see post a few below).

Some of the utensils will be a Chef's Knife, a Spoon, Rolling-Pin, etc.

In two days time, this Sat I will be shooting the lovely Alyssa for the series.

This is a shot of Alyssa by Caveboy Studios.  I believe that is/was her partner in the background, not sure of the status.

In a few weeks I should have some edited pics to post, so stay tuned!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Test Edits.

Some quick edits to test some post production techniques.

I had a concept in mind for this edit but, ended up going a different way.  Will have to go back and try the original idea on another more suited image.  That is the luxury of doing personal work for arts sake over commercial work where a desired outcome is briefed. With personal work you are free to take the image where it leads you organically.  I guess it is that process which skills you up for being able to achieve a set end point from a fixed start.

The edit is real rough on this one, just wanted to test it for the exotic skin color.
Which do you prefer,  Natural or Exotic???

Angel de Cocina

Making arrangements to shoot more like this to create a series.  Next I think will be a spoon.