Thursday, 28 June 2012

Recent Activities

Had two vary diverse shoots in the last few days.

The first was a sweet young thing trying to get her name out in the industry as a Jazz Ballet dancer and into the world of Promo Modelling.  She required some head shots to send out to prospective agencies and later on we will be getting into a dance school and shooting some more action shots.

The second one was for a Personal Trainer who wanted some shots after his own transformation. He wanted some memento shots in the gym.  As it is a big franchise gym and it was open at the time of the shoot with customers we couldn't use any flash. It also had terrible lighting, it was dim and the large gas vapour lamps hanging from the warehouse style ceiling threw light is bizarre directions.
For this reason I had to shoot at high ISO and limited depth of field which wasn't ideal.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Shoot previously under wraps

Some of the images from a shoot last year that were done for a project and until now had been under wraps.  Worked with some talented models and artist. Unfortunately I haven't got everyones names & contact details.

Some of the talent includes.

Body Paint:
Laurie Faulkner
Fantasy Graphic Body Arts

Gina Nomachi
Bellarina B

Jay Miller

Jay Miller, Body Paint: Gina 

Body Paint: Laurie Faulkner

Body Paint: Gina, Jay Miller

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


These images are so overtly sexual…really?  I have been asked to do some censored versions for face book. Now look kids it is just a Barbie doll…lol

The barbie one is quite rough…..


I spent the entire day finely editing all the little details, edges, putting in  highlights on the body and reflections, shadows etc on the spoon, file was so big it took 30 min each save and on the final save the computer crashed and corrupted the file.  I have a half way point save backed up, don't exactly remember what processes I did, it is sort of organic in nature as I see something I adjust it, tweak it until it just looks right and real.  So back to the drawing board and come up with something similar.

It would be interesting to see how close the second versions final outcome is to the first or if the creative path leads someplace else……….Since the file is lost I guess we will never know.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Commercial Truck Shot

Behind the scenes of a recent photoshoot of a cement mixer. The locations shots had been done the day before and we were shooting a studio lit side profile for the catalogue.  This was one big cyclorama!

It had a real weird feeling when you first walked in as it was so huge yet it felt flat and shallow. You had this sense that you would walk in to the back wall at any moment yet it kept going deeper. As soon as there was a person or single object inside it lost this sense. Funny how light and space play tricks.

The truck even had its own make up artist in the form of a car detailer on hand to keep it looking schmick!